Adaptable Healthcare Now: The FYI Monitor Arm by Nurture

For anyone in the healthcare system, the importance of adaptability is a lesson learned over and over. Whether it's the treatment of a patient who must adapt to a new medication or treatment process with patience or the caregivers themselves whose days shift from careful examination to the next. If there's anything that should remain vigilantly functional, it's the technology that supports every situation. On that note, the FYI Monitor Arm by Details, on behalf of Nuture for Steelcase, extends an adaptability of the computer monitor arm that swivels, tilts, and shifts according to your every need.

FYI Monitor Arm. Manufactured by Details for Nuture.

Stretch, Tilt and Shift the FYI Monitor Arm by Details for Nuture to Fit the Healthcare Technology Needs of Today.

"Effortless movement. It's the FYI difference." These short sentences are not just a description of how Nurture explains its FYI Monitor Arm, they're proclamations of its cutting edge confidence in its place within the healthcare and contract design field. They go on with the same emphasis on concise and direct information the same way the monitor arm operates for your office or clinic, saying "It's your move to healthier viewing and easier on-screen information sharing. It's for your information and for your eye. It's your move."

FYI Monitor Arm. Manufactured by Details for Nuture.

Each FYI Monitor Arm can support monitors weighing 5 - 20 lbs, and are easily adjusted to fit your flat screen monitors. They have a 24" focal adjustability range with an 11.5" vertical adjustment range, and can tilt between 20 and 30 degrees backward and forward. Constructed out of zinc diecast, this 24"W x 15"H computer arm with desk-camp comes with cable management to keep you organized in addition to being adaptable every single day.

FYI Monitor Arm. Manufactured by Details for Nuture.

Attach the FYI Monitor Arm by Details for Nuture to the nurse's stations in your clinic or hospital, or to the office area in any contract setting, for an adaptable and user friendly, intuitive piece of healthcare technology.

About the Manufacturer: Nurture by Steelcase has developed what could be considered a new brand of healthcare environment: it is flexible, adaptable to patient and caregiver needs, high quality, and 100% adaptable to the needs of every type of hospital, clinic, nurse station and lobby area. They make seating, casegoods, caregiver stations, tables, worktools and carts for the contract market with a focus on the final result being comfortable and intuitive as well as efficient.

Posted January 12, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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