The Code Natural Kitchen by Snaidero

I once had a photographer friend who was frustrated with the widespread quality of camera phones since he said his art was being lost to the amateurs. Unsure if I agreed or not - since I both love using the iPhone camera and adore the work of a professional - I see the art of interior design coming to a similar crossroads with gorgeous, customizable kitchens like Snaidero's new Code Natural kitchen designed using manufacturing assistance by the homeowners themselves.

Code Natural Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Bleached Solid Ash Wood Makes the Code Natural Kitchen Design by Snaidero the Ideal Custom Choice.

As my good friend and former colleague, Miyoko Ohtake, wrote for Dwell of Snaidero's modular Code kitchen system, "Kitchen systems are a lot like prefab housing: they're designed to be modular but they're endlessly customizable—not that that's a bad thing. The advantage of choosing a kitchen system or a prefab is the security of knowing what you're getting: what it will be made of, when and where it will be constructed." Using standard, cut-to-size elements, the Code kitchen makes planning for maximized wall and storage space easy with base units, wall units and cupboards that, as Snaidero says, increase the utilized space by up to 10%.

Code Natural Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Although the Code kitchen system (released earlier this year) comes in lacquered color finishes, the Code Natural kitchen is made using solid Ash wood cut into vertical slats with engravings in an irregular pattern to create depth. Refined and yet dynamic, the light, bleached finish gives the Natural effect an airy, modern look that would go well with sun-soaked windows, tile or wood flooring, and with chrome-finished appliances.

Code Natural Kitchen. Manufactured by Snaidero.

With plenty of options to choose from, Snaidero offers the Code Natural countertops in laminate, marble, granite, stone, Corian, or steel materials and makes custom configuring easy with drawers, pull-out baskets, and LED strip lighting fit to your liking.

About the Manufacturer: Snaidero is an Italian-based kitchen manufacturer that believes in their identity as a high quality kitchen design company. As Snaidero's President, Edi Snaidero, states "Producing only kitchens in respect of the environment and only with the best materials is our specialty. Designing them to stand the test of time and improve our quality of life is our mission."

Via Dwell.

Posted December 28, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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