The Plantini Model Kit by Finch & Fouracre

Nothing spells architectural delight and clean air like the Plantini miniature growing kit by the Glasgow-based architectural model and model kit company known as Finch & Fouracre. Since their start in 2008, the Stuttgart-trained design duo says that "every job is given special attention, and no model is treated as an 'off-the-production-line' job".

Plantini. Designed Finch & Fouracre.

Made using 100% Recycled Paperboard, Beauty Shines in Silver Through the Plantini Model Kit by Finch & Fouracre.

With a miniature growing kit inside, the exterior of the Plantini resembles the facade of a Victorian-style greenhouse. Containing thin, etched siding pieces that are created using 100% recycled paperboard, the biodegradable bamboo and rice hull dish an other components come with a step-by-step kit to creating one of the most exquisite, tiny pieces of interior decor for the tabletops of your home or office.

Plantini. Designed Finch & Fouracre.

Standing just 9.5 cm high, Finch & Fouracre call it an "opulent tabletop plant house" which "emulates the ornate steelwork of Victorian hothouses" using a removable canopy and etched glass panes that bring water and light into the mix. To create the tiny model kits for thriving indoor plant life, the project was done in collaboration with Another Studio for Design and works synonymously in tandem with Postcarden, where the tiny Plantini pots and structures are sold as a complete package.

Plantini. Designed Finch & Fouracre.

Beautiful silver siding using clean and recycled production helps make the beautiful Finch & Fouracre Plantini pot a simple solution to helping keep our interior air and design fresh.

About the Designer: Founded in 2008, the Glasgow-based firm known as Finch & Fouracre has focused their work on modelmaking and model designing. Franki Finch and Beth Fouracre are the talented duo behind the name, and for the past three years they have developed a strong architectural model kit reputation that stems into creating unique, small structures for the green friendly folks and their interior design, such as this Plantini.

via Inhabitat.

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