Kimball’s Hero Chair Wins Excellence in Ergonomics Award

What's your concept of a hero? Whether the term conjures up images of comic book superstars or real life public servants, one's notions of the meaning of heroism likely evolves through the years. So much, in fact, that by the fifth decade of an average office worker's life, he/she might be more than willing to classify something as seemingly mundane as a task chair as their own personal "hero." Just so, the Hero Office Chair by Kimball Office has rescued more than a few imperiled spines.

Hero Office Chair. Designed by Gerhard Reichert and Eckard Hansen. Manufactured by Kimball Office.

The Hero Office Chair is Ergonomic and Eminently Customizable

How does Hero come to the aid of the bum neck, the downtrodden mid-back? Through an ingenious combination of ergonomic support and highly-adjustable functional features. From Hero's subtly modulated mesh backrest, to its adjustable lumbar support, and on to its innovative seat depth adjustment mechanism, the intelligent task chair assures a perfectly comfortable fit-no matter one's personal dimensions.

Kimball's Hero Chair Wins Excellence in Ergonomics Award

Hero's mesh backrest is comprised of alternating areas of dense and loose fabric, such that it provides support just where needed, especially in the shoulder and lumbar areas. The lumbar support trumps the usual advantages of this common accoutrement, as its height adjustable feature finds the lumbar curve no matter how high or low it might reside on the sitter's back. Lastly, the Astiv active seat depth adjustment mechanism increased or reduces seat depth, thus pinpointing the perfect depth regardless of thigh length.

Hero Office Chair. Designed by Gerhard Reichert and Eckard Hansen. Manufactured by Kimball Office.

The Kimball Office Hero Chair recently made quite an impression on the Furniture Industry Research Association. This esteemed body-sort of a consumer protection agency for global contract furniture-honored Hero with their annual Excellence in Ergonomics Award, citing the chair's first-rate ergonomics, advanced structural integrity, and superlative safety: "To receive the award, the product also must be manufactured by a company with high quality standards and a strong environmental policy. Additionally, it must promote comfort and wellbeing for the user and feature excellent ergonomic qualities that enhance the quality of furniture."

Hero Office Chair. Designed by Gerhard Reichert and Eckard Hansen. Manufactured by Kimball Office.

Kimball Office offers Hero in a variety of profiles and finish styles. Options include mesh backs or upholstery in orange, anthracite, or black; high back, mid back, or cantilever side models; and bases in black plastic or brilliant silver.

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About the Manufacturer:  The look of a contract furnishing by Kimball Office is unmistakable. The manufacturer's line of casegoods, desks, seating, tables, and storage and filing systems features slim styling and contemporary functionality, and often showcases vibrant colors-lime greens, shocking oranges, and sunny yellows are among the company's favorites. If the look attracts, the utility seals the deal: Kimball offers contract furniture for all manner of work environments-"high-quality office furniture products, including executive wood desks and storage solutions; modern, collaborative workstations; contemporary cubicle systems; and a wide range of tables, filing, and seating options."

Posted November 28, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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