Undoubted Performance: For Certain by Joseph Noble Textiles

There is something supremely satisfying about circles: they begin and end seamlessly, they have no hard edges, and they mimic nature’s perfect shapes, like planets and moons. Textile company Joseph Noble is capitalizing on the popularity of the shape with its For Certain fabric. The pattern begins with “perfectly ‘engraved’ one-inch circles, uniformly aligned both vertically and horizontally and nestled against each other.” The result is an elegant upholstery fabric that can also be playful.

For Certain upholstery fabric. Manufactured by Joseph Noble.

Durable, Earth-friendly Polyurethane Fabric

For Certain upholstery fabric. Manufactured by Joseph Noble.

For Certain partially gets its name from the material’s durability: the earth-friendly polyurethane is easy to clean and maintain, and it wear tests at over 100,000 double rubs. The 54-inch fabric is finished “with an enchanting dry matte finish that absorbs light to great effect.” In fact, in certain angles, For Certain looks metallic. Available in 11 colorways, the textile colors include great metal tones that look like gold, copper, silver, and pewter, as well as some intense colors such as orange, blue, and periwinkle.

For Certain upholstery fabric. Manufactured by Joseph Noble.

For Certain in Whitmore (blue) belongs in a boutique hotel on Miami Beach, while the fabric in Dydek (pearl white) should appear at the Denver International Airport, where its color and texture would complement the gorgeous tent design of the main terminal, which resembles the snow-capped Rocky Mountains in winter. Whether on a dramatic wingback chair or a restaurant banquet, For Certain is sure to turn heads.

About the Manufacturer: Joseph Noble Incorporated, based in Dallas, Texas, began in 1980. The textile company offers quality upholstery and drapery products. The Joseph Noble Textiles division offers fine silk, linen, wool, and cotton; the Joseph Noble Technology Leathers division offers leathers exclusively. The company works with architects and designers “to generate the missing warmth and vitality that a few well-placed, quality upholstery and drapery products can add.” Joseph Noble fabrics have been featured in The W Hotel in New York, the Getty Museum in Malibu, and the American Airlines Admirals Club in Chicago.

Posted October 12, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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