The Cubit Chair for Kids! by Tolleson + Saul

Although I've yet to experience it first hand, I have it on good authority that kids harbor a special affection for bright, shiny, square packages. However, the goodies are usually inside the package rather than part and parcel of same. That's just one anomaly of the Cubit Chair by Tolleson + Saul Design. This clever, lightweight, and foldable chair is sure to please the ten and under set, and perhaps the ten and over set too.

Cubit Chair. Manufactured by Tolleson + Saul Design.

The Cubit Chair Makes Wise Use of Limited Space

If you have kids-and even if you don't-you surely have some sense of how stuff tends to accumulate in their wake. This can be difficult even for the suburb-dwelling denizens who reside in 3000+ sq. ft. homes, but it's a decided challenge for families in urban areas.

The Cubit Chair for Kids! by Tolleson + Saul

The Cubit Chair is thus something of a Godsend in the great struggle of Manhattanites, San Franciscans, and Bostonians to procure functional furnishings that fit into their 700 sq. ft. studios or their 900 sq. ft. one bedrooms. Not only is the piece eminently stowable ("it can be folded and stacked out of the way for small urban spaces"), it's fabulously functional as well: "The Cubit Chair provides better upright support for reading and gaming."

The Cubit Chair for Kids! by Tolleson + Saul

When my time comes, I can't help but hope the kids will share my literary inclinations and thus gravitate toward the former, but even if they prefer gaming to reading, I'll be happy to see them indulge within the engaging and comfy confines of the highly intelligent Cubit Chair.

About the Manufacturer: The names behind the name of manufacturer Tolleson + Saul are Thomas Tolleson and Gregory Saul. The latter founded the company about 22 years back, and the former took over after Thomas retired in 2005. Operating out of Charlotte, NC, the company is known for its products in the residential market, but lately they're branching out into home office, education, and healthcare as well. Tolleson + Saul specializes in the application of 3D modeling and 3-dimensional CAD tools to devise customized solutions... "rapid prototyping and instantaneous communications with facilities around the globe to revolutionize the way that products are designed, produced and sold."

Posted September 19, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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