A Better Experience for Cancer Patients: Nurture’s Sonata Series of Casegoods

Nurture's new system of casegoods

for oncology centers is aptly named. As Nurture says, "A sonata brings instruments together to create beautiful music. True to its name, Sonata helps busy people connect in meaningful ways." Sonata casegoods are specifically designed to make cancer treatment easier for patients and their families-the modular system of bases, nurses' stations, islands, media units, and benches helps create a space that's shared yet private, thus avoiding the double-edged sword of exposure/isolation common to many cancer treatment centers.

Sonata Casegoods for Cancer Treatment Centers. Manufactured by Nurture.

Sonata Improves Workflow while Giving Patients the Comforts of Home

Sonata Casegoods for Cancer Treatment Centers. Manufactured by Nurture.

Formulated in response to an extensive ethnographic study of nine oncology centers in five cities, Sonata addresses the sense of alienation that often besets cancer patients as they receive treatment. In the aforementioned study, the researchers noted that patients were either isolated in private rooms or lined up in large impersonal areas with no sense of privacy. By offering a flexible space based on modular elements, Sonata creates a third option-one that creates greater efficiency among caregivers while helping patients feel more at ease.

Sonata Casegoods for Cancer Treatment Centers. Manufactured by Nurture.

Sonata's elemental unit is the base, a room divider/storage module that's the central nexus for various add-ons. These include a nurse's server with a pull-out prep shelf; an island with hands-free waste disposal, open storage, power chase, and electronics infrastructure; a media unit with a personal television cabinet; benches with hinged tops and interior storage; and 60"-high wardrobes with personal storage and coat hooks.

Sonata Casegoods for Cancer Treatment Centers. Manufactured by Nurture.

The different units behave synergistically to create a flexible, comforting environment for both patients and caregivers, as they offer many of the comforts of home: ample storage for personal items, extra blankets, or comfortable cushions; semi-enclosed space with modules of varying height, thus facilitating privacy or interaction; a personalized environment encouraging close contact between patients and their loved ones.

A Better Experience for Cancer Patients: Nurture's Sonata Series of Casegoods

Sonata also makes caregiving easier for doctors and nurses. By incorporating features such as discrete waste disposal, standardized bays for medical supplies, and easy-to-reconfigure modules, Sonata's casegoods enable faster response times and rapid customization for patients' needs: "Sonata makes practical sense in a critical care environment. Caregivers have what they need, where they need it. Sonata adapts to demands that change around the clock and year to year."

Sonata Casegoods for Cancer Treatment Centers. Manufactured by Nurture.

About the Manufacturer: Quite wisely, Nurture takes the long view of healthcare: "Think back 30 years. Many of the healthcare facilities in this country were built even longer ago, and many of these facilities haven't changed. So here we stand, once again trying to predict a future of healthcare 30 years from now. Not only do we need to predict this uncharted territory, we need to plan for it." While Nurture concedes that no one can predict the future, they know it will demand a new brand of healthcare environment-one that's flexible, adaptable to patient needs, endlessly-reconfigurable, and exceptionally durable. Nurture's "big picture" thus focuses on enhancing patient comfort while increasing the efficiency of caregivers, a formidable and constantly variable challenge to be sure, but-if the Sonata series of casegoods is any indication-one that Nurture is well-equipped to meet.

Posted September 12, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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