Miton’s MT700G: A Space-Age Kitchen for the Here and Now

Not that you'd know to look at it, but the MT700G Kitchen from manufacturer Miton is actually affordable--a word that doesn't typically find its way into the same breath as "ultra contemporary designer Italian kitchen." As part and parcel of the Milton credo, the notion of affordability is at the center of the company's ethos, as "We want to deny the widespread opinion that high quality products are available only to wealthy people."

MT700G Kitchen. Manufactured by Miton.

Miton's MT700G Kitchen is Futuristic and Functional

MT700G Kitchen. Manufactured by Miton.

If your fantasies about the perfect kitchen aspire to greater than average heights, than Miton's MT700G may represent the apex of this metaphorical peak. The central innovation at the heart of this futuristic kitchen is the enticing circularity of the matching islands, which banish abrupt corners and hard edges.

MT700G Kitchen. Manufactured by Miton.

Indeed, the 700G's kitchen islands are like the proverbial oases in the midst of a roiling sea, such do they impart serenity and calm the senses. Miton complements the look with a vibrant palette of door and drawer facings, all capped off with stainless steel countertops, a central connecting bar, and an impressively curvaceous cylindrical overhead extraction fan.

MT700G Kitchen. Manufactured by Miton.

Neither does Miton neglect the nether regions of this innovative ensemble. The slightly curved doors of the MT700G's lower cupboards harbor an intriguing circularity all their own, as the storage space is one large (for lack of a better term) "Lazy Susan." These hidden shelves rotate on the unit's center axis so--no matter which pan or colander or other cooking implement you may be in search of--you'll find it right behind whatever door you choose.

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About the Manufacturer: Italian kitchen manufacturer Miton brings high design to the middle class. The company recognizes that cost is the most common impediment to acquiring the high function and aesthetic pleasures that should characterize this crucial space. Accordingly, Miton offers "a new point of reference for the market, with an even wider selection, where every kitchen is offered with features and materials that have a strong emotional impact and this at a price that is absolutely remarkable."

Posted August 29, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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