The Revive Daystand by Nemschoff/Brandrud

Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but it seems that those of us in the A&D community sometimes favor aesthetics over pragmatism. That’s not to say that a product can’t possess both in droves—and many, of course, do—just that purely functional products sometimes get short shrift. So it’s nice to give some press to an item that’s increasingly indispensable in the healthcare venue: The Revive Daystand by Nemschoff/Brandrud.

Revive Daystand. Manufactured by Nemschoff/Brandrud.

Brandrud's Revive Daystand is a Practical Approach to Accommodating Patients

This multi-purpose bureau, nightstand, towel rack, and impromptu desk is a god-send in a patient setting. The piece is versatile as well as portable, and it performs multiple functions—just what you want out of a hospital furnishing.

Revive Daystand. Manufactured by Nemschoff/Brandrud.

The accolades begin with Revive’s two-tiered design. This feature enhances storage capacity by doubling horizontal surface area. Courtesy of the inset receptacle on the top tier, Revive also accommodates personal lighting. Slots on the interior of drawers allow dirt and spills to pass through, and the same easily-removable drawers facilitate quick clean-ups.

Revive Daystand. Manufactured by Nemschoff/Brandrud.

Other perks include integrated drawer handles—as cutting back on the number of parts is a sure formula to reduce breakage and increase longevity—and a self-closing mechanism to keep drawers shut when not in use, a feature that conserves walking space in a venue where room to move around is always at a premium.

Revive Daystand. Manufactured by Nemschoff/Brandrud.

Lastly, the Revive Daystand is a handsome piece with multiple aesthetic options, including glide legs, plinth, or rolling casters; laminate options (Metal, Chino, Savoy Cherry, and Shadow); and a range of heights from 24 to 40 inches.

About the Manufacturer: Seattle-based Brandrud was acquired by Herman Miller a few years back, which may make the relationship between Brandrud and Nemschoff a bit difficult to decipher, until one realizes that Nemschoff is a Herman Miller brand. Suffice it to say that the trio is a major player in furniture for Healthcare. Nemschoff offers the Brandrud Collection—an extensive portfolio of furnishings including seating for patient rooms, patient treatment areas, and public spaces like lobbies and waiting areas, as well as armoires, display cabinets, dressers, and bedside tables: “The Nemschoff Brandrud Collection features progressive products that use new capabilities, material combinations, and construction methodologies to solve real-world problems in innovative ways.”

Posted July 18, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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