Dany Giles Stackable Cardboard Shelving

The 800g Library by Dany Gilles is a modular shelving system that uses recycled corrugated cardboard scraps in an inventive way. Each module is stackable via interlocking tabs and grooves that keep the units standing. The shelving system is surprisingly strong, taking advantage of the lightness of corrugated cardboard and enhancing its rigidity with precisely placed supports. Feel free to load these modular shelves up with books or whatever display pieces strike your fancy.

800g Library. Designed by Dany Gilles.

Dany Gilles 800g Library (All images courtesy of danygilles.com)
Dany Gilles 800g Library (All images courtesy of danygilles.com)
The 800g Library reminds me of a lighter, leaner version of the milk crate bookshelves I see in many friends apartments. Reclaimed, customizable, unitized shelving is key for flexible living, especially in an apartment context. Bookshelves naturally lend themselves to stackable organization, considering one could just stack books on the floor senz furniture if necessary. 3rings loves a good bookshelf - The Top Ten Freestanding Bookshelves are worth taking a look at for creative inspiration and a glimpse of possibilities that are out there.
Dany Gilles 800g Library (All images courtesy of danygilles.com)
Cardboard and recycled paper are favorites among the sustainable, recycled design community. There are countless posts showing off exciting design with cardboard -- some of my favorites include Fluted Cardboard Furniture by Giles Miller and The Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry. While Miller's cardboard furniture uses light to emphasize the corrugation, Gehry just lets the corrugated pattern speak for itself. Dany Gilles cardboard shelving focuses less on the aesthetic value of corrugation, and instead on its strength and lightness. Welcome to the ranks of cardboard masters Mr. Gilles.

About the designer: Dany Gilles in a graduate of the School of Modern Art in 2000 (ESAM Design, Paris). He has collaborated with architects and designers on a wide variety of projects. His work includes furniture, architecture and installations.

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Posted June 30, 2011 by Amanda Smith

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