Sedia Systems E4000 Auditorium Seating

Sedia Systems’ E4000 line of auditorium chairs represents a veritable revolution in seating configurations for the classroom, the lecture hall, even the concert auditorium. Though perhaps “revolution” isn’t the best word, since the collection is actually the product of some 14 years of cumulative evolution in seating systems.

E4000 Series Auditorium Seating. Designed by Lucci and Orlandini for Sedia Systems.

E4000 Offers Vaunted Versatility and an Excellent use of Space

The perennial ancestor of the E4000 is the Q3000, a “sleek, space-optimizing seating line for lecture halls originated in Italy by Roberto Lucci and Paolo Orlandini.” In the intervening years since the Q3000’s debut, Sedia (as well as Lucci and Orlandini) have updated the appearance while streamlining and modernizing the function.

The E4000 features an automatic “torsion spring flip-up” seat. This is a refined incarnation of the automatic-closure feature familiar to movie-goers, yet the E4000’s version is whisper quiet and super smooth. Moreover, the feature facilitates the E4000’s signature tight closure, which makes aisles infinitely roomier for ingress and egress.

The E4000’s second stunner is its integrated “anti-panic” writing tablet. Surfaces for writing are attached to seat backs, which means they automatically drop down and out of the way when users dismount, thus efficiently creating an open aisle for escape in case of emergencies.

Other features of E4000 include straight or radius row configurations; flat, sloped, or tiered floor installations; and integrated wire management. E4000’s base is made of tubular sheet steel. Finish options for seat and back include Beech Laminate, Beechwood Veneer, Metal, or upholstery. Writing surfaces are available in Beech, Gray, or Anthracite Laminate.

E4000 Auditorium Seating by Sedia Systems

E4000 Auditorium Seating by Sedia Systems

E4000 Auditorium Seating by Sedia Systems

About the Manufacturer: Sedia Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer of seating accommodations for the auditorium environment. Sedia is especially known for their fixed product line, which offers “multiple options that optimize room capacity including seating systems that can be installed in rows as narrow as 31.5 in., with compact on center seat spacing as close as 20 in.” The Chicago/High Point, NC based company also offers multi-purpose seating and training tables. You might encounter some of Sedia’s supple systems in such rarefied environs of edification as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Emory, and N.C. State. And you'll definitely encounter the E4000 line at this year's NeoCon.

Posted May 15, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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