An ICFF Preview: BKNY Design’s V-luxe Makes Your iPad More Fun

Even though the Internet makes my vocation possible, I must admit I’m not the biggest supporter of “techie-ness.” In fact, at times I’m downright hostile to the sometimes superfluous dissemination of information offered by the brave new world of Facebook, Twitter, and iPad. Chalk this up to my old-school inclinations and a slightly fuddy-duddy disposition. But there’s one product that deftly synthesizes my occasionally dated sensibilities with all that wonderful new stuff: the V-luxe by BKNY Design is an old-school but high-end accessory stand with pronounced vintage appeal and a very special attraction: it’s custom-built to accommodate an iPad.

V-luxe accessory stand. Designed by BKNY.

Turn Your iPad into a TV with the Hand-Crafted V-luxe

I’ve not yet been fortunate enough to own an incarnation of Mac’s consummate tablet, but it’s certainly on my list, largely because any item that gets Stephen Colbert’s endorsement gets mine (except for Doritos). Colbert would be well-served to trot out the vaunted “Colbert Bump” for V-Luxe. The beautifully-styled piece by BKNY’s Paula Anne Patterson displays the excellent handiwork of a master artisan: dovetailed joints and matching grain patterns conspire to create the world’s loveliest TV. But wait, there’s more! V-Luxe also includes a matching compartment: “if you need to connect wired speakers, you can plug into your iPad via the speaker port on the top right of the V-luxe and run the cable through an access port in the bottom of the compartment.” The 2.5 inch space accommodates diminutive powerhouses like Chill Pills or the wirelss Fox Lv2. Stop by the BKNY booth at this weekend’s ICFF for a look and a listen.

V-luxe for iPad by BKNY at ICFF

V-luxe for iPad by BKNY at ICFF

About the Manufacturer: BKNY Design is a relative newcomer to the Brooklyn design scene, but don’t let that steer you away—in fact, you should point yourself and your iPhone-embedded GPS straight to their studio to check out their newsworthy V-luxe. This retro, screen-less TV set features swivel and tilt adjustments, a clever speaker cabinet, and the perfect niche for an iPad. BKNY founder Paula Anne Patterson stumbled onto to the idea as “a birthday gift for my sweetheart… he loved it so much that we thought other people might like one too.”

Posted May 14, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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