The Valcucine Laundry Designs Fixtures and Furniture with AEG and Davide Groppi

In collaboration with AEG and Davide Groppi for the Milan Design Week, the contemporary kitchen manufacturer, Valcucine, has come up with a new idea altogether for 2011. Not just within their typical boundaries of the food areas, but into a very hidden segment of our homes. With their expertise in housing appliances within glossy surfaces lining our prep and eating area, they've shifted their efforts to the fixtures and furnishings of the ever-neglected laundry room space with what they're calling, ever so simply, Laundry.

Valcucine Laundry. Designed by AEG and Davide Groppi.

Valcucine Laundry is the Latest Collaboration Between the Kitchen Maker and Both AEG and Davide Groppi For Milan 2011

"Valcucine Laundry is not just a product but is an additional real service for the design population of Milan [Design Week]: in fact, those who will visit the area within the Brera Design District (BDD) will have the opportunity of personally using LAUNDRY during those days." As we all sit and wait for the heap of laundry to mount in preparation for its test drive in Italy, let's take a look at the inspiration which drove the designers to finally attack the utilitarian underbelly of the house. With the appliances and furniture maintaining the Valcucine Laundry vision of modernity and flow from one piece to the next,  it even fits right into the design of the many settings of Valcucine Living from their 2010 release.

"Synthesis, transformation, expression of the possible creative paths of tomorrow," starts the Valcucine release on the Laundry items to their kitchen fans. Looking to bridge the design of the two spaces which are often adjacent to one another either vertically or horizontally within your home, it is a bold move - trying to amp up excitement about the place we wash and dry soiled clothing. However, with the design partnerships from big names like AEG and Davide Groppi, who have long earned ample trust in the industry for their household machinery and lighting, respectively.

Laundry Fixture
Laundry Fixture

Valcucine Laundry follows all of the highest standards that have been present in their kitchens since the company's inception back in 1980. To describe their mission continuing through the modern restructuring of the laundry room, they stated in their 2011 release: "All these projects are based on the commitment to design in an eco-compatible way: respect for life and for quality that is expressed through industry’s responsibility towards the society of the present and of the future and that stimulates the company to take an active part in the cultural and social promotion of the territory it is based on."

About the Manufacturer: For thirty years now Valcucine has been a staple in Italian kitchen design that was built with a modern philosophy by partners Giovanni Dino Cappellotto, Gabriele Centazzo, Franco Corbetta and Silvio Verardo. It "declares its way of conceiving, interpreting and furnishing" as more than just words used to describe their decadent kitchen spaces these days as they've expanded into storage, furnishings, and fixtures of living areas. Always of the highest quality materials, the Italian manufacturer works with exceptional designers to ensure a harmony of creative energy and technical materials go into each and every project.

Posted March 25, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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