Link Modular Lighting by Ramon Esteve for Vibia

Spanish designer Ramon Esteve has come to be known (at least in this forum) for his geometrical approach to lounging about—consult his Oru Chair and Cool Chaise Lounge for a pair of approaches to this national Spanish pastime. I’ve lived there, so I’ve seen the happy indulgence in the afternoon siesta first hand, but I can also attest to the staunch Spanish work ethic, particularly in the Northern climes. In Barcelona, for example, the city is abuzz round the clock, with an ambition and drive that rivals that of NYC or Gay Paree. Just so with Barcelona-based manufacturer Vibia. The authors of the strange and surreal and eminently functional Ameba have teamed with Esteve to concoct Link, a modular lighting system whose gentle rays and ambient ways rival the sun for naturalistic illumination.

Link. Designed by Ramon Esteve for Vibia.

New Heights in the Architecture of the Ceiling

In fact, the gentle interplay created by the four differently-sized modules of Link matches the organic dispersal of outdoor light, such that it may make you altogether forget that you’re indoors. Modules A, B, C, and D are respectively sized 80 x 40 x 40; 100 x 30 x 30, 60 x 50 x 60; and 40 x 70 x 40 (all cm). But perhaps that’s a bit too much information. Suffice it to say that the range among depths, widths, and heights, are such that arrangements show a textural variety conducive to an intriguing play of shadow and light, not to mention an unusual and alluring aesthetic. Vibia likens the architectural potential of Link to “the skyline of a great city... the modules of Link allow you to create silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling to suit every room and every location.”

Link Modular Lighting by Ramon Esteve for Vibia

And it’s easy to do so. A given Link arrangement is powered by a single electrical connection. The modules connect to one another on each of the four sides, requiring but a mere 14 cm overlap to create the connection that Links the ambient flow of light together. But Link’s linked modules do not become a single organism: single fixing systems allow raising and lowering of individual modules to change bulbs and clean.

The Link modules are available in white matte lacquer and graphite grey. They feature a polycarbonate diffuser and Vibia’s patented DALI system for electronic dimming.

Posted February 7, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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