Bullerjan Canadian Lumberjack Designed Stove

Over the holiday break, I spent many magical hours in front of the fireplace. The traditional wood fireplace is a beautiful thing that both creates ambiance and heats the space, but the fuel intake definitely leaves something to be desired. A day spent with the fire burning could easily use up an entire small tree while leaving the space cold after the fire burns out.

Bullerjan Stove.

Many homes have incorporated the use of gas fireplaces to replace the visual of a fire while using an alternate source to do the actually heating. Efficiency is a major part of this decision, which is why the Bullerjan hot air furnace is a great solution. Developed by Canadian lumberjacks, the Bullerjan runs independent of oil, gas and electricity. It guarantees a high heat capacity with good circulation and an even burn up solely through the use of firewood and wood remnants. Efficiency is achieved through an almost complete wood combustion resulting in a low level of ash accumulation.

Bullerjan Stove
Bullerjan Classic Stove
Bullerjan Industry Stove
Bullerjan Stone Stove

The rugged design has a beauty that reminds me of a high-end automobile. Form definitely follows function in the Bullerjan, with its solid steel pipes that feed the heavy-weight combustion chamber. The Classic Bullerjan looks like a modern stove for Uncle Tom's Cabin, whereas the Design Bullerjan would be more appropriate in a modernist loft. The Bullerjan has a unique look that is not for everyone, but its efficiency and warming capacity is worth a second look.

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Posted January 5, 2011 by Amanda Smith

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