Top Ten: A Myriad of Wall-Mounted Shelves

Every few years most of us paint the walls and then switch around or change the furniture in our living spaces. Why is it then that so many of these rooms forget to take advantage of the upper half of our rooms? To add height, create more space for shifting around our lives on the gravitational half and to complete the design of a room, let's consider mounting a shelf on your wall. No matter how plentiful your ceilings (or budget), a room gets in sync with it's height when you include floating shelves from this week's Top Ten list.

Complete Your Space With a Mounted Shelving Unit To Add Height and Depth to Your Design

1. LAX Series 3x
PRICE: $710
Dimensions: 58" L x 15" W x 13" D

In a solid, English walnut with powder-coated white aluminum sliding doors, the legless LAX Series 3x wall mounted shelf by Mash Studios is truly one of a kind. Store blankets, books or media in the large, hidden compartments, and stack other items on top. This versatile shelving system is also available in an English walnut with natural oil or a natural European birch plywood, and all mounting hardware is included.

LAX Series 3x

2. Vetro
PRICE: Available upon request

If shelves would serve more as a display case, the Vetro includes safety glass on the side and front sections that come with lockable, ball-bearing glass sliding doors. It comes with two glass shelf inserts that can be adjusted to any height you like, and comes in a natural aluminum frame with a rear chipboard panel in gray white.

3. Thru-Block
DESIGNER: Will Ullman
PRICE: $3,000
Dimensions: 1-1/2"W x 2"D x 61"L supports; 1-1/2"H x 10"D x 4'0"W or 1-1/2" H x 9"D x 2'0"W shelves

The clean, architectural lines and modular system of the Thru-Block wall mounted shelving is made from reclaimed Oregon black walnut and comes in shelves of large and small sizes. It is made in Portland by Will Ullman's Design and Art (WUDA) Studio, and acts as an open shelving unit that includes a shelf with a recess designed for your change, cell phone, etc. It's mounting equipment is included, and matching furnishings are also available.

4. Domino
DESIGNER: Tarcisio Colzani
PRICE: $3,410
Dimensions: 138"H x 29"W x 15"D
Not your typical mounted shelving unit, this Domino by Tarcisio Colzani for Porada uses metal columns fixed to the wall or  ceiling to keep solid oak or glass cubes in a vertical, totem-like structure. Since they're fixed to a silver matte-lacquered pole, they are free to rotate and swivel as you please. If cubes are too dramatic, they also come in a wall version that include plank shelving instead of cubes.

5.  Psiche A
DESIGNER: Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni
PRICE: $3,493- 3,882
Dimensions: 81"L x 21"D x 21"H

There's no doubt about it - this Psiche A wall-mounted sideboard or storage unit's modern wooden frame is Italian. Made by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Tonelli, the Psiche A contains concave and convex panels that are covered with either mirrored glass or white lacquered glass. Get it as a wall unit, square unit or floor unit and easily match the sleek compartments to numerous other furnishings from Tonelli.
Psiche A

6. Burn
MANUFACTURER: Oso Industries
PRICE: $1,550- $1,850
Dimensions: 42"W x 10"L x 2"thick x 28"H with two shelves, 46"H with three shelves

Customize your wall-mounted shelving using the distinct textures and coloring of the Burn Shelves. The shelves work as a versatile system using a blackened concrete that is cast with a burned or charred texture around its the edges. Both on the top and bottom of the shelves however, it is polished for a refined, yet earthy feel. Add the stainless steel legs and a plate, along with your choice of 10 different color choices and a natural or urethane finish.

DESIGNER: Naoto Fukasawa
PRICE: $3,300
Dimensions: 71"W x 14.5"D x 14.5"H

Using alternate angles in his horizontal, wall-mounted version of the design known as SHELF for B&B Italia (2006), designer Naoto Fukasawa creates a funky effect with white acrylic resin. It is a contemporary bookcase or storage wall shelf with an open back, and it comes personalized with Fukasawa's signature along with the B&B Italia logo. Feel free to match this wall unit to bookcases of every size and do the entire room justice with the strong presence of varying angles.

8. Wonder Wall Shelf 2-pack
PRICE: $299
Dimensions: 38"L x 12.5"H x 11.5"W

Highlight your library or tchotchkes with powder coated steel shelving and a unique back panel. Shelves are ivory, and you have your choice of either walnut veneer or ivory lacquered back panels. Blend walnut and ivory back panels to create a custom pattern on your wall.
Wonder Wall Shelf 2-pack

9. Mercer Triple Glass
PRICE: $179
Dimensions: 22"W x 5.5"D x 24"H

This elegant glass shelving system uses a drop-forged brass that is fitted with a trio of tempered-glass shelves. Ideal for a bathroom, the shelves come with rounded corners and an etched border, and boast a safety glass feature. This means it was manufactured through extreme heating and rapid cooling to make it more resistant to breakage. Enjoy the rounded mounting plates together with the simple ridged design and mounting hardware (included) for a subtle effect that is sure to wow alongside porcelain and tile.
Mercer Triple Glass

10. Voilá
PRICE: $1,540
Dimensions:  39.3"W x 12.2"D x 82.7"H

A modular shelving system that consists of a wall panel and three tempered glass shelves in translucent or sandblasted extrawhite, the Voilá by Bontempi Casa accounts for our 21st century needs. The wall panel has internal wire management and die-cast aluminum supports that allow the shelves to be fixed at any height. The wall frame is made from anodized aluminum with inset glass panels in mirrored, lacquered black, red, orange or extrawhite glass. It's a perfect way to hold you television set and household decorations in one fixture.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten: A Myriad of Mounted Shelves!

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Posted December 21, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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