The Ligne Déjà Kitchen is a Feast for the Eyes

Clearly the future is upon us. And while that phrase might be so self-evident as to seem some kind of epistemological conundrum, I mean it in all sincerity. For I count among the harbingers of authentic hope for tomorrow 1. spray-on solar power (see EnSol), 2. remote power outlets (see eCoupled Wireless Technology), and 3. authentic innovation in the kitchen. This last point might seem odd given that my husband is our resident chef, but it derives from the contemporary kitchen’s status as a social hot spot. For as my Mom taught me and as her Mother taught her, the kitchen is the nexus of household life, whether you actually cook there or not. And speaking of nexuses, Belgian design firm Jo Wynant’s Ligne Déjà kitchen should definitely draw a maelstrom of activity.

Ligne Déjà. Designed by Jo Wynant.

The concept kitchen debuted in 1998, but, as Jo Wynant says, “it looks more original and daring than ever.” Ligne boasts a spacious arrangement suited to either loft style living or open layouts of any stripe. The centerpiece island is an intriguing parallelogram of sculpted maple with double glass burners and more drawers and compartments than you could shake a spatula at. Accompanying players include a freestanding combination sink station/oven/cabinetry unit with linear handles and sink/mixer in stainless steel, and a rectangular pantry unit in wenge perched atop diminutive cylindrical legs. Each of the three pieces is worthy of mention individually, but it’s the synergistic composition here that really gives the ensemble its flavor. A veritable smorgasbord of architecturally-inspired texture and color, Ligne Déjà is definitely worth its weight in Francs.

Posted September 28, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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