Seek by Allsteel at IIDEX 2010

Enough with all this Gold nonsense... How about a sentence or two of praise for some of the under-represented runner-ups at IIDEX's 2010 Innovation Awards? So says my inner-voice, at least. In deference to that mental tic-and in recognition of continued excellence-how about a round of applause for perennial contract favorite Allsteel and their recent Seek Seating Collection.

A scant 24 hours ago, Seek was deemed worthy of the second place accolade of silver, and-as a certain fictional President under attack by Martians once said-"that ain't bad!" The ultra-light and fold-able multi-purpose chair at the center of Seek wins raves for its simplicity. The chair addresses the onset of what I like to call "work place flux." Or, as Allsteel has it, "collaborative spaces are playing a more significant role in supporting how work gets done. And with change comes the need to challenge conventional thinking to discover innovative solutions that support the way people work, and the way space transforms."

Seek. Designed by Allsteel.

Seek out Seek's nesting capabilities and vertical stack-ability to instantaneously transform your space. With Seek's rolling casters, entire stacks can be re-located with the portable laissez-faire of a feather blown across the floor. The high mobility facilitates all manner of office ritual from impromptu brain-storming to impromptu brunch. And for those of us in the aching back demographic, Seek is ergonomically engineered for comfort irrespective of bodily size and shape.

Designed to provide seating that "one can sit in not on," the chair boasts pressure-reducing contact points, even-weight distribution technology, and a rotating back support-all geared towards an intuitive response to your body's comfort needs. As befits a contract piece, Seek is durable too. Count among its long-lived attributes a polypropylene backrest and arms; mesh back; seat cushion in fabric, vinyl, or leather; and your choice of rolling casters or glides. Throw in Allsteel's eight vibrant color options and frame finishes in black or silver, and one can understand why Seek was singled out for IIDEX excellence.

Seek by Allsteel at IIDEX 2010

Seek by Allsteel at IIDEX 2010

Posted September 24, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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