Jloveseat is Perfect for You and Your Doppelgänger

One thing Italian manufacturer Colber Contract has going for it is its apparently accidental correspondence with TV Host Stephen, whose last name adds the appendage of an unpronounced "t." Though this might result in some unintended search hits for the company, the blame would seem to rest with Mr. Colbert, whose show debuted in 2005, while Colber Contract's principal Gabriele Longoni founded his firm in 1979. The 30+ years of "innovative design, quality construction using only the finest materials, leading-edge manufacturing technologies, and unsurpassed customer service" have served Colber well. Their reputation for versatility-they're known for contemporary designs as well as painstaking reproductions of classic pieces-can be seen in the excellent Jloveseat and Sofa. The design presents a durable, hard-working solution to public seating while adding a creative twist.

Jloveseat. Designed by Colber Contract.

Given Jloveseat's motif of twinning, one could certainly claim that it was inspired by Colbert-or vice versa. If you've ever seen his "Formidable Opponent" skit on The Report, you know whereof I speak. I can definitely picture the red-tied Stephen duking it out with the blue-tied version while seated jauntily askew from one another, each executing a casual-yet-pointed toss of the head at every exquisitely-timed rejoinder. Jloveseat positions its inhabitants side-to-side and front-to-front, a close but private mode of orientation that serves the demands of public seating quite well. For we all want to make the best use of our available space, yet who among us actually desires to bump knees with a perfect stranger while waiting for a plane or a shopping spouse? As to Jloveseat's look, it's classic and contemporary at once. The contrast between rich wood tones and bright orange upholstery imparts visual interest, while the geometrical silhouette evokes the clean lines and rigid upholstery of great work by Jens Risom, as well as that of millennial manufacturers like Quinze and Milan and Allermuir.

Jloveseat is Perfect for You and Your Doppelgänger

Posted September 13, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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