Webert Italian Design’s Lovely Lotus Faucet

For 35 some years, Webert Italian Design has brought a range of fine faucets and fixtures to a most-receptive Europe--a continent whose inhabitants clearly and collectively recognize a premium water delivery apparatus when they see it. Until now, however, the new world has not been graced with Webert's tantalizing array of contemporary designs.

Lotus Faucet. Designed by Webert Italian Design.

That all changes as of the company's recent collaboration with state-side distributor Elkay and MarketNet Associates, both of whom are helping to achieve the objectives of Webert founder Carlo Zanetta: "deliver a first-class, European-inspired bath faucet and fixture experience." The partnership helps bring Zanetta's vision to fruition, not only in Italy, France, Spain, and environs, but across the Atlantic and beyond, throughout the eager markets of Canada and the U.S., yes, but also Mexico, as well as Central and South America. Apropos of the tropical character of this last locale, Webert's latest creation is Massimiliano Settimelli's LOTH2O, otherwise known as the Lotus Flower Faucet.

Webert Italian Design’s Lovely Lotus Faucet

According to Webert, Settimelli's new fixture is "enthused by the ancient virtues of the Lotus." This probably means that, like the imperturbable Lotus--rising daily from the murky depths to bask and bloom in the sun's eager light--LOTH2O is very in tune with diurnal and circadian patterns. Or, as designer Settimelli says, "a rhythm of renewal each of us shares, so why not bring it into bath design?" LOTH2O does just that in the guise of a sleek, single lever bathroom Faucet constructed of solid brass. Lotus features nifty top-of-the-line features like 60 psi flow rate, a 25 mm single lever ceramic disc cartridge, and a svelte carbon-colored on/off lever situated directly above the faucet's central shaft like a wafer-thin shadow. In keeping with the space-saving theme that lately accompanies so many products of European origin, LOTH2O is on the small side--"6 1/4" from the base of the sink to the top of the handle, 4 9/16" from the base of the sink to the spout." Those measurements ought to tell you a thing or two: that the Lotus Flower Faucet is diminutive--and therefore a wise choice for the small but eminently stylish bathroom--and also that Webert and Elkay are quite serious about expanding their market presence. In other words, inches = America. So what if the actual Lotus is confined to bodies of water in Southeast Asia? With Webert's new LOTH2O faucet, you can experience the very same ritual of refreshment and renewal with every daily risen sun.

Posted May 27, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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