Glow with the Flow: The Luminist Sink by Toto

I'll admit, I have been known to pick a new restaurant or bar to hit up after hearing about the bathrooms. Sometimes you just get a bohemian-style stall with greenhouse plants and other times, it's flirtatious double-sided mirrors and Settecento mosaics. Whatever the style you prefer, or if you appreciate them all like I do, there is one thing we can all agree on: We want to touch nothing in that room except the sink.

Luminist sink collection. Designed by Toto.

The Luminist sink by Toto is a translucent sink made from a hybrid of glass and epoxy resin. The resin is a toxin-free material known for its high impact and stain-resistant qualities that is used in airplane wings. Besides surviving scratches and bumps, it makes the Luminist sink exceptionally heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures of up to 360°C/680°F.

Naturally stunning, the Luminist sink can be left naturally translucent, appearing light and delicate (like the sink from your favorite garden brunch spot). When the sun sets, however, the use of glowing LED lights morphs your entire bathroom into a sultry scene from the movies.

Glow with the Flow: The Luminist Sink by Toto

Glow with the Flow: The Luminist Sink by Toto

Toto currently makes the sink in two sizes - a rectangular basin (17-7/8"W x 10-13/16"D) and a round basin (14-7/8" dia.) that comes with either a white or black drain cover for different effects, if desired. They are ADA compliant and come complete with an installation template, hardware and a chrome drain fitting to ensure you have everything you need to create the right ambiance in the bathroom that people will be lining up to see.

Once installed, I highly suggest reaping the benefits of your outfitted WC by filing for a beer & wine license (since your spot will be the new destination for me, I mean, bathroom design junkies).

Posted May 27, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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