Ring of Light: Modern Globe Pendant by Circa Lighting

Do you still remember all the planets in our solar system? Chances are, part of your grade school education included a study of the planetary system. Maybe you had to make a mobile to hang in your classroom or a science fair diorama. Did you stay up late gluing glitter to foam spheres? Then you must also admit that the most alluring planet in our solar system is Saturn. With its glowing rings of ice particles and dust, the S planet is the one that lends astronomy projects their pizazz. Harnessing that shape, Savannah-based Circa Lighting (formerly Edison Lighting) is previewing the Modern Globe Pendant, part of their Spring 2010 Collection.

Modern Globe Pendant. Designed by Circa Lighting.

Designed by Sandy Chapman, this hanging orb of light hovers within a polished nickel ring. Four decorative chains suspend the ring from another chain attached to the ceiling plate. All of these links set off the illuminated ball within, allowing the white glass to glow like a sparkly gem. The design is "simply brilliant" (Circa Lighting's tagline), a gem secured by a shiny setting. Besides polished nickel, Modern Globe Pendant is also available in antique burnished brass and bronze. It's like the choice between white and yellow gold. The suspension light measures 39.25" H x 24.25" W with a 5.5" canopy, a globe that's perfectly sized for your universe. I would say it's saturnine, if saturnine actually meant "resembling the planet Saturn." Sadly, it does not. The word refers to those born under the astrological influence of Saturn, who are downright melancholy--just the opposite of the Modern Globe Pendant, whose light should light you up.


Posted February 25, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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