Pack Flat with Daniel Moyer’s DPTables

Whether you’re looking for a well-crafted longboard or a well-crafted table, Brooklyn’s Daniel Moyer is your guy. Self-taught carpenter extraordinaire, Moyer continues to construct fabulous pieces that emphasize joinery. His newest work of “pack flat to ship” pieces are named DPTables--once again, fiddling with the English language in his poetic version of enjambment. This time, however, the DP stands for something I understand and have tremendous familiarity with: Designer Pages, the parent company behind 3rings. I can only assume that my past article in which I detailed Moyer's misuse of grammar made him want to commemorate me--see my rant about 2009’s gokartLoungechairs. So thanks for the tribute!

DPTable. Designed by Daniel Moyer.

The wonderful thing about DPTables is that they forgo the use of ANY metal fasteners. Instead, Moyer's DPTables show off his woodworking skills: traditional mortise, tenon, and peg joinery. Because “thousand year old examples are still functional,” Moyer decided to take his cues from history, choosing “to look back for inspiration for the future.”




Like his previous work, which showed at BKLYN Designs 2009, the DPTables flirt with east and west. The flat surface of the table is raised on decorative wooden slats, and the whole top rests on finely turned legs. Variations in wood and long pegs illustrate DPTables’ construction. These pieces are prototypes in a limited run that intend to straddle the art furniture and mass-produced markets. Moyer wants to “flirt with a wider group of furniture enthusiasts.” I surmise that the state of the economy is causing Moyer to appeal to commoners. But who cares? I love the idea of a piece of moderately priced furniture that is truly handcrafted using ancient woodworking techniques. Get your 37 x 19 DPTables now “at the genuinely reasonable price of $1000 a pop.”

Posted February 5, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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