Go Round: The Beignet Tub by Spiritual Mode

Since their website is virtually all in Japanese, I can’t tell you much about Spiritual Mode—though I can tell you they’re located just south of the Sotokanjo_sen Mcdonalds in Kyoto. If you happen someday to be in the neighborhood, you really should stop by. Ask for a tour of the environs; have a look at their wonderful collection of modern-inspired bathtubs, vanities, and bathroom fixtures; and, by all means (and if they’ll allow it), immerse your arms into the accommodating circularity of the Beignet Tub. Its artful assortment of no less than 112 micro jets is sure to soothe the weariest of traveler’s limbs.

The Beignet Tub. Designed by Spiritual Mode.

The Beignet Tub represents a unification of two previously disparate entities: a delicious treat of deep-fried dough topped with powdered sugar and a futurist aesthetic. But perhaps the manufacturers didn’t intend this rather jarring juxtaposition (though I rather enjoy the image of enjoying beignets in the Beignet), and meant the name only as a reference to the delicacy’s traditional circular shape. As for the tub, in addition to being a shiny white spheroid—itself a daring ploy as regards the ceremony of the bath—it’s a functional contribution to your bathing options: the copious perforations of the clamp-style spigot allow rapid filling while providing an interesting visual, and the multiple jets act in concert to relax your cares away.






The circular shape of the Beignet Tub lends itself to futuristic or ultra-modern schemes. Spiritual Mode portrays the tub at the foot of a spiral staircase, beneath a phosphorescent halo lamp that shines down like some extraterrestrial eye. And if that’s your poison, more power to you, but it doesn’t mean Beignet should be limited to such styles. Like another recent innovation in the landscape of the bath, Dornbracht’s Supernova, the Beignet tub will help designers and their clients to think outside the box—and into the circle.

Via Trendir.

Posted November 13, 2009 by Joseph Starr

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