At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Wüd Furniture Design

Corey Springer’s Wüd Furniture Design first came to the attention of 3rings nearly a year ago with its patented innovative material process: Pb-R. The process involves encasing lead in a smooth epoxy resin and results in an indestructible yet seemingly delicate surface. According to Springer, “at first glance, Pb-R appears to be a standard metal tabletop or inlay, but as you get closer and touch the surface, you realize that it is in fact a silky smooth and textured material.”

Lolita Bench. Designed by Corey Springer of Wüd Furniture Design.

Fusing the artistic and the sculptural is what Springer’s work is all about. At BKLYN DESIGNS this year, Springer is debuting new pieces that further reflect his background in sculpture and exemplify the possibilities of his innovative material process: Pb-R. The Lolita Bench is an eye-catching piece: the structure built of Claro Walnut and the individual seats of Pb-R. The curved form of the seats is reflective of the nature and properties of Pb-R, previously put to use only as flat surfaces. The form lends softness to this otherwise solid piece. “Simple in form and rich in texture,” the Lolita Bench is a manifestation of Wüd Furniture’s stated goals. The structure of the bench mimics the curves of the individual seats, the solid wood a welcome contrast to the Pb-R. The Lolita Collection also includes a large table (for dining) and chairs.



Red and Grey Sideboard. Designed by Corey Springer of Wüd Furniture Design.


Brüklyn Bed and Armoire. Designed by Corey Springer of Wüd Furniture Design.

Other notable pieces on display at BKLYN DESIGNS are those from the Red and Grey Collection, “a sophisticated blend of striking Red Gum and Pb-R.” Springer’s pride in selecting the finest materials and exploiting their natural beauty is evident throughout this work. “The company has mastered the art of transforming raw materials into striking works of art.” The thoughtful composition of materials in combination with the collection’s clean lines results in timeless yet unique focal points.

A self-affirmed Brooklyn supporter, Wüd Furniture has opened a new showroom and workshop in Clinton Hill and continues to support locally-owned businesses, utilizing them for any materials and services needed; hence the affirmation “Wüd Grows in Brüklyn.” In tribute to his neighborhood, the Brüklyn collection continues to thrive with a new addition appropriately debuting at BKLYN DESIGNS, the rosewood armoire.

Posted April 28, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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