“In the age of computer-assisted design, we never wander too far from the roots of our origin, approaching each creation as a sculptor would a block of stone,” says Vexell, a studio producing fully customized high-end furniture design that will exhibit at BKLYN DESIGNS 2009 next week.

SH/D Desk. Manufactured by Vexell.

“The company came about out of a passion evoked as a continuum of generational family design and manufacturing capability within the fashion, machine, and architectural industries” according to its designers, who approach new collections with concept in mind rather than basing them on image alone. Through the exploitation of basic shapes and the inspiration of existing functional tools and forms, Vexell is creating clever, innovative and highly sophisticated products. The Corbel Lounge, which reduces the chair to its basic elements, was present at last year’s BKLYN DESIGNS and admired by 3Rings. The section of this simplistic and streamlined iconic chair is not surprisingly the logo for the company. PN/C is a variation on Corbel which uses thin steel as opposed to wood for the seat and structure of the chair. The chair appearance entirely solid when viewed straight-on, whereas from the side, the thick wooden back appears to be practically floating.


Corbel Lounge. Manufactured by Vexell.


PN/C Chair. Manufactured by Vexell.

The Sheet Collection [contorting the plane] includes a chair entitled SH/C produced entirely of powder coated aluminum. The streamlined, no frills aesthetic is achieved through refined and detailed solutions to joints and seams. SH/D, the desk within the Sheet Collection has an entirely lightweight appearance due to its saw-horse inspired legs built from paper-thin sheets of aluminum.

The Vortice Collection [exploiting the cube] marks the introduction of upholstery to Vexell. Dining chairs, a bench, end table or stools, and interlocking mobile tables exploit the common cube shape, enabling it to provide a multitude of functions. In addition to the introduction of upholstery, Vortex brings intense color to an otherwise neutral collection.

Posted April 29, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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