Am I Dreaming?

Daniele Lago's Air Bed may make you wonder if you, like Alice In Wonderland, have fallen into a dream world. Though the bed seems to float magically, the frame actually rests on four transparent, rectangular glass plates that can be turned sideways to make the bed shorter or taller-didn't Alice go through a similar process in Wonderland, being stretched tall and shrunk small?

Air Bed. Designed by Daniele Lago. Manufactured by Lago.

The patented design includes a leather headboard and a metal frame upon which the matress rests-and here's where the Air Bed really enters fantasyland: the metal frame features twenty kama sutra poses for those sleepless nights. If the Air Bed hasn't quite fulfilled your every desire, then consider this: the Air Bed includes a light beneath the frame, so the entire affair can cast an eerie glow into your bedroom. This diffused light will made the bed even more enchanting, as it adds to the floating effect-perhaps it's your magic carpet ride waiting to deliver you to Morpheus?

Am I Dreaming?

Am I Dreaming?

The Air Bed measures 180 x 200 cm-a perfect fit for a devoted couple; it also comes as a single, for those who want to dream alone (accompanied by the perfect object of your affection, who may be as nebulous and illusory as the Air Bed itself).

The Air Bed fulfills one of my own favorite design goals: using innovative construction to make the surreal real, to bring fantasy to life. Who doesn't want to sleep on an invisible surface? Now, if I could only make myself disappear at will!

Posted July 28, 2008 by Alicita Rodriguez

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